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Auto Insurance Consumer Trends Report

How does your state compare? Here are the average automobile insurance rates for policies sold over the past three months. Are you paying too much and do you need to find lower auto insurance quotes?

About This Data:

57% of drivers who shopped with us during a recent three-month period said that their auto insurance rates had increased over the past three years with their prior insurance carrier. According to partner companies, average premiums sold by have steadily decreased by about 6% nationally over a recent six-month period. A regular review of your insurance policy with a licensed consultant can ensure that you are continually getting the best rate available.

92% of the customers who have seen increased auto insurance rates before shopping with reported filing only 1 claim or fewer over the past 5 years. Drivers who package their home and auto insurance through regularly take advantage of claims-free discounts which can save eligible customers up to 15% on their auto insurance.

53% of auto insurance customers reported saving substantially on their homeowners insurance by taking advantage of a Home-Auto Package Discount. During a savings survey, drivers were found to save $556/year on average by purchasing both policies from the same provider and taking advantage of such discounts.

*National average savings information is based on's 2 month policy data from 10/01/08-12/01/08. Savings depend on discount qualification. Discount qualification is subject to final approval.

*These rates are average rates based on policies sold by over the past three months. These rates reflect policies sold by with various providers including Travelers, Safeco Insurance, Liberty Mutual, MetLife and Progressive. These rates may not be typical for all customers. For more information, read about what determines your car insurance premium..

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