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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a…meteor over Wisconsin?

That’s right folks- the National Weather Service was inundated with phone calls from star gazers across four midwestern states last night. A massive ball of light, followed by a few large sonic booms, was spotted and even captured on a Sheriff’s cruiser camera as it streaked through the sky (link to video below).

There have been no reports yet of meteorite fragments hitting earth, however, meteorite damage has occurred in the past- leaving homeowners and auto owners alike wondering, “Does my insurance cover this?”

Well, it’s a good question. And while you most likely won’t have to worry about meteorite damage occurring to you, it’s always a good idea to understand your coverage. So, here it goes!

Homeowners Coverage: A meteorite, by definition, is a meteor which has entered the earth’s atmosphere and struck the earth. Whether large or tiny, hundreds of meteorites are reported to hit the earth each year causing varying degrees of damage. Luckily for homeowners, if you carry a standard homeowners insurance policy you probably have some coverage in the event a meteorite hits your home. This is typically covered under the peril “falling objects”.

The amount of coverage you have for meteorite damage will depend on your specific policy limits and you should refer to your policy or your insurance agent if you are uncertain about your coverage.

Auto Insurance Coverage: So, you come out of your home in the morning to begin your journey to the office only to find that your car has been crushed by a meteorite. Not your lucky day so far. However, if you carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle you might not be so bad off. Comprehensive coverage typically provides coverage for falling objects that damage your vehicle. Again, for specifics on your coverage, contact your insurance agent.

Now, Checkout the Meteor Caught on Film!

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