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The Ultimate Home Savings List of 2013- Experts Weigh-In

We recruited the help of the top personal finance bloggers out there to put together the 2013 Ultimate Savings List. From couponing to saving on utilities, here are the tricks of the trade straight from the experts themselves. Check it out!

The Ultimate Home Savings List 2013

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A big thanks to our contributors:

Sean Bryant,

Kate Sorenson,

Kelly Whalen,

Corey Maas,

Tushar Mathur,


Julia Scott,

Bethy Hardeman,

Monica & Cathy,

Robert Farrington,

Jacob A. Irwin,

Paula Pant,

David Bakke,

David E. Weliver,

Sara Tereault,

David Ning,

Jasmine Sheffler February 27

I love the meal-planning strategy. We save a few hundred $$$/ month now since I implemented that in our home. And it makes for much less waste! Good tips.

Brian b. February 27

So many people these days overlook the quick and easy ways to save on utilities like simply turning out the lights when you leave a room!!!! Electricity is not free people…

David Graffino February 27

Corey, all I can get when I call my credit card company is customer service people who say they can’t authorize anything. What can I do to get to a decision maker?

Elizabeth Judy February 27

Love the bottled water tip. My son has one of those soda machines and we’re saving big on it, too.

Kevin February 27

Some people naturally save money on their home, while others tend to spend it, or waste it, it is not only about knowing what to do but working on your ability to accept the ways to save. You need to work on your personality, mental approach as well. :-)

emma’s mom February 27

I wish i could qualify for a 3.75 % interest rate- seems unheard of even with my good credit score. any ideas on where to get the best refinance rates?

Rick February 27

For me, the meal planning mentioned is the key. Heading out to eat can be so expensive. A $50 tab at a local restaurant can provide a few nights worth of food at the grocery store. Great tips!

Denise Watson February 27

I like Robert’s tip on getting your property reassessed (I despise property taxes). Any idea if the assessment can be applied retroactively or is just for the current year’s taxes? Do they pro-rate from the time the assessment is done or will that cover the whole year?

If you have any additional tips on that process, I’d love to see them. Also, thanks for bringing so many good ideas together in one place! :)

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