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Give your home a seasonal face lift

Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to summer?  Giving your home a fall face lift will help ease the end-of-summer blues while giving your home a seasonal update that your neighbors and guests will pine for. Here are our five favorite tips to make your home shine this season:

Spruce that Yard
When the weather starts to cool many people begin neglecting their yards until spring. Big mistake! Keep your yard looking beautiful well into the fall season by trimming hedges, weeding and “dead heading” flowers no longer in bloom.

Fall landscaping tips from
Keep your yard looking great by cleaning out beds and planting seasonal flowers.

Also, make sure you rake out garden beds and consider mulching to protect root systems throughout the winter. The fall is also a good time to fertilize your lawn and garden beds to make sure your plants, grass and hedges are ready for the winter. Not only will your yard look great but you are ensuring better growth in the spring as well.  

Don’t put your green thumb away yet
If you love the look of flowering blooms even after the long summer days have passed consider planting some autumnal plants or
potting them and placing them on  a porch. Some of our favorite post-summer blooms include mums, Montauk daisies and any bush that produces fall berries. The fall is also a great time to plant spring bulbs. If you have any potted bulbs left over from the summer plant them in the ground now and you’ll see beautiful results in the spring.

Fall Cleaning
Now bring your fall face lift indoors by giving your home a deep seasonal cleaning. This is something you should do at least a few times a year and a season change is a good time to do it. A deep cleaning entails tackling the details that your normal cleaning wouldn’t cover. Break out the elbow grease and tackle hard to reach places such as the top of the refrigerator, window moldings and brightening up the grout lines in the bathroom. You will eliminate allergens and bacteria while improving the air quality in your home.  It will surprise you how much these “little things” add up to making a big difference in your home. *Product tip- If you’re tired of harsh cleaning products, try using homemade organic alternatives. For example, a vinegar and water solution does a great job at cleaning floors and windows. Add a drop of dish detergent for extra cleaning power.

Fall Decor
Give the inside of your home a seasonal update by incorporating some fall decor throughout. A few ideas include:

  • Decorate your fireplace mantel with some gourds, apothecary branches and warm colored candles. (Always be sure you keep all flammable materials a safe distance from flames to avoid house fires.)
  • Buy or make a centerpiece for your dining room table that you can your family can enjoy during meals.
  • Put a fall-inspired wreath on your front door to welcome guests

Cook up Seasonal Treats
Don’t stop at just making your home look and feel like fall, tap into all the senses by cooking up some seasonal dishes. Nothing smells more like fall than butternut squash, pumpkin pie or oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven. Grab a family recipe that uses in-season ingredients and whip up a fall dish to get your family in the spirit. (Safety tip- if your fall cuisine requires the use of an outdoor grill, make sure you practice safe cooking tips.)

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