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How to make your home stand out on the MLS

If you’ve recently listed your home for sale, you understand the frustration. There are tons of homes on the market right now, but not much is moving. Home values are still on the decline, making many homeowners unable to sell their home with the fear they will be upside down in their mortgage. Others are forced to accept considerably less for a home that was appraised much higher just a few years ago.

Sometimes, you just need to know what it takes to give your home the competitive edge in the market.

Have Curb Appeal.  The first impression that your home gives to potential buyers is extremely important. Take a look at your home from the inside out and target some areas that need improvement. This may include landscaping or a fresh coat of paint. If you aren’t sure, ask your real estate agent.

Become Mr. Clean. If your home isn’t always sparkling clean already, now is the time to get meticulous. One of the biggest turn offs for a potential buyer is a home that is unclean and untidy. Focus extra attention on rooms where sanitation is key like the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Make your home “discount friendly”.  After the selling price, a potential buyer is going to look at the cost to insure the home and the annual property taxes to determine their monthly payments. Unfortunately, taxes are not negotiable. However, having an insurance discount-friendly home can help reduce home insurance premiums for a new buyer. Many homeowners will get a preliminary home insurance quote on the property to see what type of rates they will be faced with in the event they buy. While you cannot control all factors that determine home insurance rates on your home, there are some upgrades you can make to your home which will qualify it for discounts. For example, installing a security alarm can typically save a homeowner up to 20% on their home insurance. Having deadbolt locks and smoke detectors can also help reduce insurance costs. All of these are great incentives for a prospective buyer to buy YOUR home over a comparable alternative. See a full list of discounts.

Show your green. If your home is energy efficient it usually means lower utility costs for a potential buyer. And who doesn’t like saving money on utilities? Be sure to point out any energy saving appliances, windows, heating systems, etc. that you may have in your home. If your utility costs are fairly low you may want to even share your actual spend with potential buyers.

Accentuate your positives. Take a look at the other comparable homes in your area. Your insurance agent should be able to provide you with a list. See what sets your home apart and use those attributes to your advantage. Is your home on a cul de sac? Does it have extra large closets? Know what makes your home special and promote those characteristics to potential buyers. It may be all you need to swing their eye in your direction.

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