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How to Prevent the Top 6 Holiday Insurance Claims

Wreath on a front doorWith the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping, parties and traveling, there are more opportunities than ever for insurance claims to occur this time of year. Protect your home and family from the Top 6 Insurance Claims of the Season by brushing up on our Holiday safety tips:

Home Decor and Heat Sources Don’t Mix-Take a few lights on extension cords, throw in some garland and sprinkle in a few open-flame candles and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a potential home fire. Take extra precaution this year:

  • Use battery-operated candles
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets
  • Keep flammable decor away from heat sources like vents, radiators and fireplaces

Safe Driving: On a mad dash to the mall for some last minute shopping? Chances are- so is everyone else. Slow down, hang up your cell phone and stay alert. Keep your eyes on other drivers and you might just prevent a Holiday Season fender bender. How to Stay Safe in Holiday Traffic

Weatherize your Home: Winter storms bring rain, hail and snow that can do serious damage to your home. Prepare your home by:

  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Pruning trees and removing dead branches
  • Checking your roof for damage

Out of Sight, Not out of Mind: Going away for the Holidays? If you’ve ever seen Home Alone you know how enticing an empty home can look to burglars over the holidays. Make sure you let a neighbor know that your home will be unoccupied and ask them to keep a watch over it. Use timers so your home stays lit at night which will ward off potential intruders. How to Prevent Home Burglary

Protect your Identity: Unfortunately, identity thieves are on the prowl this time of year as credit card usage soars.  The insurance Information Institute recommends taking these steps to prevent identity and credit card theft this year:

  • Keep the amount of personal information in your purse or wallet to a bare minimum
  • Guard your credit card when making purchases
  • Always take credit card and ATM receipts- otherwise you don’t know where they will end up
  • Proceed with caution when shopping online- always look for a familiar security symbol (like TRUSTe)

Party on…Safely: Holiday parties hosted in your home can be great fun, but are also an opportunity for liability and MedPay claims. If you are serving alcohol, monitor guests and don’t let anyone drive after drinking. Make sure your steps and handrails are all in working order to prevent slips and falls. Preparing food? Make sure all food is cooked to a recommended minimum temperature to avoid food poisoning.

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