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#InsuranceHorrorStories Day 5: The Shower, The Horror

When a horror movie star, usually a woman, turns on the shower, something bad usually is about to happen. Even filling the tub for a bath usually doesn’t bode well. Think of Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and What Lies Beneath and the dangers that await heroines in the tub – the knife, the clawed glove, the rising waters. But there’s another danger, seen in our own six-second horror creation above: The danger of slipping if you don’t have a shower mat.

The federal Centers for Disease Control reported more than 156,000 injuries in or near the tub or shower in 2008, the most recent year studied. The vast majority of those weren’t knife or claw attacks or even attempted drownings. Most could have been prevented, in fact, if our knife-wielding intruder had delivered nonslip mats – as he does to our protagonist. The CDC also recommends grab bars.

Would a nonslip mat have helped Marion in Psycho? Or kept Nancy from inviting Freddie into the tub in A Nightmare on Elm Street? Or helped Claire escape the rising waters in What Lies Beneath? No (though a mat outside the tub might have saved Norman (a villainous Harrison Ford in Beneath) from his slip and fall). But mats would be helpful in stemming the everyday insurance horrors that start at the emergency room with treatment for slip and fall injuries.

And what if it’s a guest who slips and falls in your shower? You could face a lawsuit. Thankfully, standard home insurance helps in this horror scenario – policies typically include personal liability coverage that helps pay for your legal defense and any damages you’re responsible for (up to your coverage limits). If the person doesn’t sue but wants help for the hospital treatment, your medical payments coverage – also part of a standard home insurance policy – also can help.

Bottom line: We’ve traded Hitchcock’s chocolate syrup (used to simulate blood in Psycho) lining the bottom of the tub for a polyurethane nonslip mat. Our heroine still may have been horrified by her intruder (why is he carrying a knife?), but she’s a lot safer now.

Coming Tomorrow: It’s Just a Doll, Right?

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