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Our Top 4 Hollywood Haunted Homes

At we deal with hundreds of homeowners and their homes each day all across the country. We thought we’d share with you the top¬†4 homes we DON’T want to deal with…ever. Whether based on fact or fiction, these are the creepiest homes we never want to step foot in!

The Shining- The Overlook Hotel, REDRUM, need I say more? The Timberline Lodge was the location for filming this Jack Nicholson classic, located in Mount Hood Oregon. This is the kind of place you don’t want to spend even a single night.

Paranormal Activity- The director of this film, Oren Peli, actually chose to use his own house for the filming of this movie. How he still sleeps there at night, is beyond us! A young couple think their house is haunted and setup a video camera to capture it all giving the film a reality feel. However, the spin at the end will surely keep you sleepless for nights to come.

Poltergeist- The scariest thing about the Poltergeist house is the real life curse that followed around the actors for almost a decade afterwards. Four of the main actors either died, or were murdered, within 6 years of the filming. Our words of advice? If ghosts start communicating with your family through theTV, or if your home was built over an old cemetery….MOVE. Quickly.

Amityville Horror House- The house behind this legendary film was a real haunted house where a man went crazy and murdered his entire family in 1974. The film depicts the account of the family that bought the house after the murders and lived there for only 28 days. Located in Amityville, New York it is now a major attraction every Halloween.

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