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Tips for Preventing a House Fire

Just a few weeks ago a fire devastated a home in my neighborhood. Luckily, the family escaped unscathed.  The damage to the home was unrepairable however, and the family is now planning to re-build their home from scratch. (Good thing for homeowners insurance, huh?)

Every once in awhile I like to remind everyone of some of the easy ways to prevent house fires in hopes that homeowners will become more aware of how easy it can be to prevent a fire in their home. Some of these may seem like common sense- which is probably why so many people commonly overlook them.

Tips for Preventing a House Fire

1- Get a home inspection
Once a year or so it is a good idea to hire someone who is experienced in home electrical wiring, plumbing (water and gas) and heating and air to inspect your home and check for any obvious fire hazards. Ask them specifically to check for:

  • improperly grounded receptacles
  • wiring in the attic or basement that has been damaged by pests or insects
  • overloaded circuit breakers
  • proper function of the ground cable
  • vent stacks on gas powered appliances
  • automatic ignition systems on gas appliances
  • AC coils that need to be cleaned

2- Stay in the kitchen or turn it off!
When using your range to cook, if you find you must leave the room for even just a few seconds, make sure to turn off all burners. A quick  trip to the basement or to the mailbox could be long enough for an unattended fire to spread.

3-Don’t Smoke…especially horizontally
One of the biggest causes of house fires are cigarettes that ignite bedding, furniture or carpets. Never smoke when you are tired or  laying down. When you, or anyone in the home, empties an ashtray- be sure the ashes are completely out or wet them before dumping in the trash can.

4- Space Heaters Need to be Monitored!
Space heaters cause thousands of house fire every year.  If you use one in your home, be sure to monitor it and never leave one on when you aren’t home. Make sure to keep curtains and any other flammable materials at least 4-5 feet from any space heater. Never balance a space heater on a chair or table where it can be knocked off onto the floor.

5- Keep that Chimney Clean!
Have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep once a year so that they can check for excessive creosote buildup and proper fireplace functionality. Always place a screen or glass shield in front of the fireplace to reduce the risk of hot embers popping out of the fireplace.

6-Maintain and Test Fire and Smoke Alarms-
Making sure that these devices work properly is critical as they could save your life in the event of a fire.

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