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Where are they now? 5 Famously Scary Homes from Horror Movies

If you thought a leaky roof or a burst water pipe was your worst nightmare, just imagine living in one of these famously haunted houses. Fortunately, most of the supernatural scares that make you double check every corner of your own house at night are just Hollywood magic at work, and the grisly scenes we see on the screen are just skeletons in the closet.

In fact, these houses now look pretty normal – not paranormal. Still, get a modern look at some of the scariest addresses in horror movie history by viewing the slideshow below. (Note: Images will take a moment to load initially.)

1. 707 Meridian Avenue

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Michael Myers’ house from Halloween isn’t actually home to a maniac killer, but you could still go “under the knife” at this iconic location. Shortly after operating as one of the scariest film sets in slasher film history, 707 Meridian Avenue was repurposed as a Pasadena doctor’s office.

Creepy details: The crew was on such a tight budget that they bought the cheapest mask they could find and spray-painted it white. Which famous celebrity is really the face of Michael Myers? William Shatner.

2. 112 Ocean Avenue

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The charming, three-story waterfront Dutch colonial that infamously hosted a paranormal red-eyed pig-demon and a portal to hell in the movie The Amityville Horror was put up for sale by its private owners last year. While there were some notable drops in asking price, the sellers swear it had nothing to do with haunting spirits or its dark “memories.”

Is it cursed? While the truth about the hauntings portrayed in the film is debatable, the house on Ocean Avenue is the real crime scene of the grisly 1974 DeFeo murders, in which 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr. executed his six family members in their sleep.

3. 3600 M St., N.W.

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In the iconic ending of The Exorcist, Father Karras tumbles to his death down a long, steep stone staircase beneath Regan’s bedroom. Today, these steps are one of the most popular training spots for runners in Washington, D.C.

Is it cursed? The production of the “scariest movie of all time” was famously haunted by a number of ominous events, including nine deaths and a set fire of “unknown origin” that delayed the filming of one of the most critical scenes: The discovery of the demon statue.

4. Quick Hill Road, I-35

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The creepy Texas farmhouse that served as a bloody slaughterhouse in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still serving dinner!  It was reassembled and restored in 1993 as a quaint railroad restaurant in Kingsland, Texas. Don’t worry – the dining experience here is nothing like the one depicted in the film.

Creepy details: The inspiration for Leatherface was real-life serial killer Ed Gein. You may recognize another iconic horror villain inspired by this mentally disturbed body snatcher with Mommy issues: Norman Bates.

5. 516 N. Waldren Drive

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In 1957’s The Undead, “The Witch’s House” was where Diana Love finds herself trapped inside a past life and chained inside a medieval dungeon as she waits to be beheaded as a witch. In 1995’s Clueless, the house reappears in the Beverly Hills backdrop as Cher Horowitz totally bugs out over Ty’s crush on Josh.

Is it cursed? Only if you consider being remembered for one of the greatest/worst B-movie horror films of all time a curse.

Bonus scary locations:

  1. The Palisades Charter School is where Carrie had her blood-stained prom. It was also home to an unsolved murder in 1980. The victim’s name? Kari.
  2. If you want to visit the infamous bell tower from Vertigo, you’re out of luck – the original steeple at the Mission San Juan Bautista in California burned down before filming even began. The iconic structures we see in the film were actually created with scale models and trick photography.
  3. The Bates Motel in Psycho still stands on the Universal Studios lot (where the film was shot) and is one of the major attractions of the studio tour.
  4. The Stanley Hotel (the inspiration for The Shining, which was actually filmed in Oregon) hosts horror fans and unsuspecting guests alike. They even play The Shining on repeat at night – on channel 42.
  5. The Dakota Hotel was the set of Rosemary’s Baby and is famously also the location where John Lennon was shot in 1980.


Of course, the current residents of these famous horror homes could always just invest in some paranormal insurance – yes, there really is such a thing. It could come in handy should more creepiness emerge – as long as the owners make it to the claims process.


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