Homeowners Choice Insurance

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Company Information

Company Type: Public (NYSE: HCI)
Founded: 2006
CEO: Scott Wallace
Headquarters: Tampa, FL
Employees: Unknown
A.M. Best Financial Stability Rating: A

About Homeowners Choice

Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Inc. is a Florida-based homeowners insurance company. The company, founded in 2006, provides property and casualty insurance solely to Florida property owners. Demotech, Inc. awarded Homeowners Choice Insurance with a financial stability rating of “A” Exceptional. Homeowners Choice Insurance mitigates risk through a comprehensive reinsurance program.

Product Offerings

Homeowners Choice Insurance works exclusively in homeowner’s policies, including condominium owner policies, renter policies, and dwelling property policies. Homeowners Choice Insurance can also assist customers in purchasing flood insurance coverage for their homes.

For those interested in a Homeowners Choice home insurance policy, you’ll want to talk to an agent about what coverage you’ll need to fully protect your investment. Homeowners Choice home insurance policies may include coverage for personal possessions and liability.

Hurricane Preparedness

Florida homeowners face weather threats like tropical storms and hurricanes. Since Homeowners Choice Insurance is in the business of serving FL homeowners, they offer a “Hurricane Preparation” page on their website. This page offers safety tips, a hurricane checklist, and instructions on what to do before and after the storm hits.

Claims Process

Homeowners Choice Insurance offers a variety of ways for customers to receive support, including their website, email, fax and a toll-free 24 hour phone service. In order to file a claim, Homeowners Choice Insurance policyholders must call, fax or email the company. Customers cannot file claims directly on the Homeowners Choice website.

The Homeowners Choice claims process is pretty straightforward and similar to other providers: you give them a call, they evaluate and investigate the claim, and send you a check or a letter of explanation. Larger claims for mortgage holders will be split between you and your mortgage company depending on the extent of the damage suffered by both parties. If a claim involves an injured party, Homeowners Choice Insurance will want contact information for the person injured.

Homeowners Choice Insurance recommends that customers be very thorough when filing a claim. Policyholders should take notes, take photographs, get video, record themselves describing the events into the camera and anything else that may be helpful to the claims process. Having thorough documentation will likely make the claims process quick no matter what company you insure with.