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How to Prepare for Winter Storm Damage

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Winter Storm - Know Your Risk

You'll probably know if and when your area is at risk for a large scale winter storm by the location's average temperature and storm history. For weekly winter storm tracking, go to the National Weather Service.

During the Season

Winter storms aren't technically considered disasters, but because they can cause fires and burst pipes, they can quickly become destructive. In order to guard against fuel costs, fire, or water damage, winterize your home to make it both warm and safe. Before the winter, insulate your walls and attics; weather-strip doors and windows, and install storm windows or cover all windows with plastic from the inside. Have your heating equipment and chimney inspected each year. During the winter, always keep the heat on in your home to at least 55 degrees. For more information, click here.

When a Storm Threatens

There's not much you can do to prepare for an eminent winter storm. Fill your car's tank up with gas; a full tank will prevent the fuel line from freezing. Put some salt down on walkways and driveways before it starts snowing to prevent buildup of snow or ice. Make sure that all doors and windows are sealed shut during a storm.

File a Claim

After the storm, assess the damage and record problems you find, documenting them with photos when possible. To protect your home and belongings from further damage, make minor repairs. File your claim as soon as possible. Remember that home inventory you made. Get your hands on it so you can show it to the adjuster.

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