Disaster Guide

How to Prepare for and Prevent Thunderstorm Damage

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Thunderstorm - Know Your Risk

Thunderstorms occur nationwide; It's only a question of how hard they'll hit you and what kind of damage you'll have to worry about. Lightning, hail, wind, and other storm damage are covered by your homeowners insurance, but make sure you do what you can to avoid storm damage in the first place.

During the Season

During a thunderstorm, one of the greatest dangers to yourself and your home is lightning. Your home should have a lighting protection system, consisting of a lightning rod and heavy grounding cables to anchor electrical charges to the ground and dissipate them appropriately. Using surge arrestors or suppressors in your home can help reduce the risk of damage to expensive electrical appliances. Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall on your house during a storm, and secure all outdoor objects.

When a Storm Threatens

Close windows and doors, and unplug all electronics from the wall. Do not shower or bathe while lighting is near, as it could put you at risk of electrical shock.

File a Claim

After damage has been done, take a post-disaster inventory, including photos and a list of damages to possessions and your home's structure. Also make minor repairs to protect your home and possessions from the elements. You should file a home insurance claim quickly. Resolution of your claim will help your life return to normal. Again, pointing out changes in your pre- and post-disaster inventories is a great start as you work with your insurance adjuster.

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