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Use the Homeowners Insurance Guide to Find Local Vendors

Whether you're moving into a bigger house to accommodate your growing family or relocating for a new job, homeowners insurance isn't the only thing you'll need to find for your new home. Before you start unpacking, make sure you've got a great homeowners insurance policy, a home warranty and all the information you'll need to help protect your big investment in your new home. helps make your move as easy as possible by providing a helpful homeowners insurance guide listing a variety of vendors, from real estate to home security.

Help prevent homeowners insurance claims with regular maintenance

Taking care of your home can help reduce the amount you pay for homeowners insurance and help prevent expensive claims. From roof repairs to electrical and plumbing services, it's important to find local vendors you trust to help you take care of the things you love the most. Search the Home Maintenance Directory for local vendors in your area.

In addition to homeowners insurance, consider purchasing a home warranty

A home warranty is different from your homeowners insurance policy - it's a separate contract that typically covers repairs and replacements on the systems and appliances in your home for the first year you're there. If you're a new homeowner, it's a good idea to visit HWA Home Warranty to learn more and compare quotes for this smart investment.

Help protect your home and family with more than homeowners insurance

Installing a home security system is a relatively inexpensive investment that could help prevent burglary and expensive homeowners insurance claims down the road. Plus, many top homeowners insurance providers offer big discounts for customers who take this extra precaution to protect their homes and families. Visit to shop prices for ADT Monitored Home Security Systems in your area today.

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