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Home insurance is one of those things you know you need even if you don't know everything you need to about it. But hopes to lift the veil with this 'How-to' section.

Whether you're trying to figure out which types of home insurance coverage you need to help protect your home and family or if you're already crunching the numbers to fit a great policy into your budget, it's easy to find the expert advice you're looking for here.

Browse the helpful homeowners insurance how-to's below to learn more about insurance coverage. We'll tell you why you need a home inventory and how you can fill one out. We'll tell you how to avoid insurance claims, but we'll also tell you how to file one when you need to.

Other things to learn: How to save on homeowners coverage and how to buy coverage for your apartment or condo. Browse our topics and make sure you know everything you should about homeowners insurance.

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How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Company

Learn about the companies that partners with, and find out what questions we'll ask when you call in to receive a quote.

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How to File an Insurance Claim

Make sure you'll know what to do and whom to call in the event that you have to file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy.

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How to Fill Out a Home Inventory

Learn how to prepare for the worst by documenting all of your covered belongings so you'll have proof of what you own if you ever have to file a claim.

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How to Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Follow these quick tips to help make your home as safe as possible and save money by preventing potential homeowners insurance claims.

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How to Determine Your Home Insurance Coverage

Find out which types of home insurance coverage are included in your policy and learn how your limits are set.

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How to Determine Your Insurance Deductibles

Get expert advice on how to balance your deductible and premium to get the most out of your insurance policy.

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