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Florida Home Insurance - What's Happening

Florida residents may enjoy sun, sea, and sand year-round, but they certainly pay for it. Residents of the "Sunshine State" shell out some of the highest home insurance premiums in the nation. The average annual quote for Florida home insurance was $1191 in the second quarter of 2014. That's almost $400 above the average U.S. premium of $815. Florida home insurance premiums soar because of the weather risks the state faces, but that doesn't mean homeowners leave their homes up to chance.

As a low-lying peninsula, Florida is vulnerable to floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and some of the most lightning-filled thunderstorms in the country. To protect yourself, your family, and your home from Florida's fury, talk to a agent licensed in your state.

Call to get started today, or enter your ZIP code above on this page. With Florida homeowners insurance from, your home's outlook can start to look a lot sunnier – something that Florida residents know a lot about.

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Florida Home Insurance Report Card

We get that buying home insurance is complicated. We've demystified it by assigning each state grades based on information collected from customers about their houses. It's a coloring-outside-the-lines approach that shows how factors about a home can affect what you pay for coverage.


Home Grade

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Property Grade

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Bonus Grade

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Overall Grade

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Home (Grades related to the house itself)

Younger houses typically are lower risk because they comply with stricter building codes and can better withstand storms. Florida's homes, with an average age of 21 years, therefore, receive an A+ grade for newer construction. What drags Florida homes down? Their replacement cost. Florida residents have large homes that cost more to build, so premiums increase to cover the high cost of replacement.


Average year built

The average Florida home, built in 1993, is 13 years younger than the average U.S. house.


Average home size

Florida homes lie in the middle of the size spectrum, averaging square footage of 1,912.


Average replacement cost

Florida home replacement costs, on average, $309,048. That exceeds the national average by more than $30,000.


% of homes with sump pump

Florida homes don’t have sump pumps because very few houses in the state have basements.

Property (Factors related to the property and location)

Florida property is where the state really shined. With A+ grades in two categories, Florida residents are doing all they can to keep their property safe from risk and unwanted liability. For example, the average cost of additional structures on the property (such as sheds, fences, detached garages, or boathouses) is slightly more than $5,000, whereas the national average cost exceeds $26,000.

Similarly, Florida residents don't keep dangerous vehicles on their property such as ATVs or snowmobiles (no surprise there). The only setback for Florida property: swimming pools. Nearly 30% of the state's homes have one, creating risk for homeowners and bumping up Florida home insurance premiums.

Bonus (Other factors that influence your home insurance premiums)


% of homes with fire extinguishers

93% of homes in Florida have fire extinguishers compared with 91% of U.S. homes. Working fire extinguishers can help keep a routine kitchen fire from escalating into a house-destroying blaze.


% of homes with dead bolt locks on exterior doors

Florida lags behind the rest of the country when it comes to burglary prevention. Only 93% of homes in the state have deadbolt locks.


% of homes with smoke detectors

While Florida residents may do well when it comes to fire extinguishers, only 93% of homes in the state have smoke detectors. The average fire claim exceeds $34,000, so fire safety matters to insurers and homeowners.


% of homes with security alarms

17% of Florida homes have burglar alarms, which is lower than the national average, but still safer than many states.

Overall Grade - C (partly cloudy with a chance of risk)

Florida is the Sunshine State, but its overall score could be a bit brighter. The state's marks lie somewhere in the middle. We've evaluated Florida on how its residents treat risks. Florida has relatively low risk across all three criteria: home, property, and bonus safety measures. The state's residents do a lot to make their homes safer, so that they are less likely to file a claim.

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