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Minnesota Home Insurance - What's Happening

From the Northwest Angle to Buffalo Ridge, life in Minnesota is full of friendly faces, clean air, and a great quality of life. Snowy winters and hot summers are hallmarks of Minnesota. Homeowners insurance inquiries reflect features about the state that can have an impact as you search for quotes.

Weather events present the greatest risk to your home in Minnesota. Homeowners insurance in your state is subject to other factors too, such as average replacement cost of homes and structures on your property. Minnesotans pay an average premium of $1,018, nearly $200 more than the national average.

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Minnesota Home Insurance Report Card

We get that buying home insurance is complicated. We've demystified it by assigning each state grades based on information collected from customers about their houses. It's a coloring-outside-the-lines approach that shows how factors about a home can affect what you pay for coverage.


Home Grade

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Property Grade

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Bonus Grade

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Overall Grade

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Home (Grades related to the house itself)

Sump pumps, a common line of defense against basement flooding, are in 35% of homes in Minnesota. Home insurance carriers look favorably on that, but they can't ignore the cost of replacing your home and property structures. Only in Illinois and New Jersey are homes more expensive to rebuild.


Average year built

The average Minnesota home was built in 1978. That's when the federal government banned consumer use of paint with lead in it.


Average home size

Homes are on average almost 200 square feet smaller in Minnesota than nationally.


Average replacement cost

At $347,840, it's among the nation's highest, nearly $70,000 more than the national average.


% of homes with sump pump

For this flood- and moisture-fighting measure, Minnesota gets it.

Property (Factors related to the property and location)

It's expensive to rebuild other structures on your property in Minnesota. Homeowners insurance can cover things such as detached garages, fences and sheds under Other Structures coverage. The average cost of rebuilding other structures on Minnesota properties is nearly three times the national average.

Some Minnesotans store ATVs and snowmobiles on their property, another factor that doesn't help premium costs.

Bonus (Other factors that influence your home insurance premiums)


% of homes with fire extinguishers

Not far behind the national average, 89% of Minnesota homes have at least one fire extinguisher (the figure is 91.4% nationally)


% of homes with dead bolt locks on exterior doors

Possessions in your home and garage are at greater risk of burglary if those doors don't have deadbolt locks installed. Minnesota rates poorly here.


% of homes with smoke detectors

Insurance carriers look favorably upon homes with protective devices installed. Minnesota is right around the national average at 98%.


% of homes with security alarms

Almost 1 in 5 American homes are security-alarm equipped. But in Minnesota, that number is less than 1 in 10.

Overall Grade - C (the cold truth)

Average replacement costs are high in Minnesota. Home insurance rates are set by the state, but factors such as local building costs can raise premiums. This cost applies both to homes and structures commonly found on your property, such as detached garages and sheds.

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