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Mississippi Home Insurance - What's Happening

Before you shop for Mississippi home insurance quotes, it's important to understand how different factors impact what you end up paying. Mississippi home insurance rates are set by the state and provide a baseline for how much you'll pay. Providers then will take features of the home and homeowner into account to arrive at your premiums.

The state is well known for its hot and humid summers, but the biggest risks to Mississippi homeowners are hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. During the second quarter of 2014, Mississippi home insurance rates were $1,129, well above the national average.

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Mississippi Home Insurance Report Card

We get that buying home insurance is complicated. We've demystified it by assigning each state grades based on information collected from customers about their houses. It's a coloring-outside-the-lines approach that shows how factors about a home can affect what you pay for coverage.


Home Grade

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Property Grade

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Bonus Grade

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Overall Grade

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Home (Grades related to the house itself)

Homes in the Magnolia State are newer, which helped offset the larger than average square footage. Low replacement costs also boosted the state's grade for this category.


Average year built

The average Mississippi home was built in 1990, ten years more recently than the national average. Newer homes usually have lower premiums.


Average home size

At 2,073 square feet, the state's average home is larger than the U.S. average. Larger homes are more expensive to insure, in general, because they cost more to replace.


Average replacement cost

In the event of a total loss, replacing your house would cost a little less than $249,000, on average; that's much less than the national mean.


% of homes with sump pump

There are almost no homes in Mississippi with basements, so it's no surprise the state ranked poorly for homes with sump pumps.

Property (Factors related to the property and location)

Mississippi ranked among the best in the United States in our property and location categories. As a homeowner, you have to insure all structures on your property, including sheds, detached garages, and fences. This coverage is rolled into a standard home insurance policy under 'other structures.'


Average structure cost

The average cost of insuring other structures on Mississippi homeowners' property averaged $29,810, more than the national average.


% of homes with a swimming pool

Swimming pools create extra liability, which raises premiums. Only 6.7% of Mississippi homes reported owning swimming pools.


%ATV/Snowmobile on property

Almost no Mississippians keep all-terrain vehicles on their property. Again, such vehicles increase liability.

Bonus (Other factors that influence your home insurance premiums)


% of homes with fire extinguishers

Almost 100% of Mississippi homeowners reported having a fire extinguisher in the home.


% of homes with dead bolt locks on exterior doors

Mississippi was once again at the front of the pack with nearly all homes reporting dead bolts on exterior doors.


% of homes with smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are a crucial part of home safety, and the vast majority of Mississippi homeowners know that.


% of homes with security alarms

About 19% of homeowners had burglar alarms, similar to the national average.

Overall Grade - A (ahead of the pack)

Mississippi homeowners scored particularly well for taking preventive measures to lessen the impact of fire and prevent burglaries, but they also did well in many other categories. Why are preventive measures so important? Consider fires: Items such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors can keep a small house fire contained, and that's important to Mississippi home insurance providers. The average U.S. fire claim exceeds $33,000.

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