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Missouri Home Insurance - What's Happening

Life in Missouri is full of adventures, and the state's home insurance premiums reflect that. With plains in the north, the Ozarks in the south, varied geography and weather present many risks for insurers. This is part of the reason why Missouri home insurance quotes were about $200 more than the national average during the second quarter of 2014.

When it comes to Missouri home insurance rates, which are set statewide, extreme weather is a determining factor. Hot and humid summers bring thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and occasional tornadoes, while winter brings cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. You can't prevent major storms from happening, but you can take steps to protect your most expensive asset. This starts with getting comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Missouri Home Insurance Report Card

We get that buying home insurance is complicated. We've demystified it by assigning each state grades based on information collected from customers about their houses. It's a coloring-outside-the-lines approach that shows how factors about a home can affect what you pay for coverage.


Home Grade

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Property Grade

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Bonus Grade

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Overall Grade

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Home (Grades related to the house itself)

Missouri homes are older than the national average, but the smaller size can make them easier to insure. Despite the smaller homes, construction costs pushed building replacement expenses into the upper half of our list.


Average year built

Older houses can have lots of style and architectural integrity, but insurers prefer newer homes. Missouri's average year built of 1969 is 11 years older than the U.S. mean.


Average home size

At 1,614 square feet, the average Missouri home is small enough to lower insurance costs but still spacious enough for comfortable living.


Average replacement cost

Missouri construction costs are among the highest in the country. Replacing your house after a total loss will cost on average $285,063.


% of homes with sump pump

62% of Missouri homes have basements, so it's no surprise that the state almost doubled the national average of 15%.

Property (Factors related to the property and location)


Average structure cost

The average insured cost of other structures (detached garages, sheds, fences, etc.) was $26,785, close to the national average


% of homes with a swimming pool

Swimming pools are great for hot summers, but they drive up insurance rates because they bring risk for injury to residents and guests. Only 1.4% of Missourians reported owning a pool.


%ATV/Snowmobile on property

Less than 1% of Missouri residents reported owning an ATV or snowmobile on their property, below the national average.

Bonus (Other factors that influence your home insurance premiums)


% of homes with fire extinguishers

91.4% of homeowners in our study reported having a fire extinguisher, compared to 92% in Missouri.


% of homes with dead bolt locks on exterior doors

Missourians seem to trust their neighbors, as only 93% of home reported having deadbolt locks, below the national average.


% of homes with smoke detectors

99% of homes in the state have smoke detectors, helping improve fire safety.


% of homes with security alarms

12% of homeowners reported having security alarms, below the national average of 19.7%

Overall Grade - B (good, could be better)

After reviewing Missouri homeowners insurance policies sold based on home, property, and other factors, the state struggled to really stand out from the crowd. High home replacement coverage for other structures costs hurt its grades. The state also ranked poorly on home safety and security criteria.

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