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Don't spend hours researching homeowners insurance providers just to get a policy that doesn't match your expectations. Let us find you the right home insurance coverage at the right price. With, there's no need to go to multiple websites to compare highly rated carriers.

We'll pull up to eight quotes from our top-rated partners and help you explore your coverage options. The best part? It's free. Just call the number above or enter your ZIP code to get started. There's a line between savvy shopping and downright work. Our licensed agents will do the hard work for you, so you can relax knowing they'll match you with coverage at the best price for you.

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Call today to have one of our licensed agents match you with a personalized quote. Our partners include a variety of well-known and trusted carriers such as Liberty Mutual, Travelers, MetLife, and Safeco Insurance. With financial stability and well-established customer service, these carriers provide trustworthy coverage for your home. From the moment you call in, these top providers compete to offer you the best quote.

Home Insurance for You

Home insurance protection is not one-size-fits all. The best policies are the ones specifically tailored to your needs as well as the needs of your house, your family, and your property. No need to worry about whether your policy fits you. We'll connect you with one of our insurance professionals to make sure you have the proper coverage for your dwelling and possessions.

To learn more about the personalized components of your policy, check out our Home HQ section to find FAQs, savings advice, calculators, and other informational tools to help you get the most out of your coverage and protection. To get coverage today, all you have to do is call!

Home Insurance Savings

Each home insurance carrier calculates premiums in a unique way, and the same is true for discounts. At, our licensed agents help connect you with the maximum discounts for your coverage.

You could already qualify for certain price breaks without even knowing. Have you moved into a new home, quit smoking, installed a home security system, or drastically improved your credit? If you answered yes to any of those questions you could pay less for coverage.

One of the easiest ways to get big savings: bundle your home and auto policies with the same carrier. Bundling can save you up to 20% on your monthly expenses. Many of our partner carriers offer auto and home insurance, so we can set you up with a great deal.

Enter your ZIP code above to start your free online quote, or call us at 1-866-570-1164. will start finding you savings today!

What Customers are Saying

Testimonials from Customers

Patricia C.

"I have only good things to say, service was very good and professional. I will refer this service to everyone I know. Keep up the good work. In this economy great and professional service is hard to find."

Patricia C. Los Angeles, CA Savings of $675
Rebecca H.

"I am so happy to be saving $400 on my house and auto insurance and even happier with how quickly it was handled! There are a few other insurance companies that could learn from your customer service."

Rebecca H. Chicago, IL Savings of $400
Susan M.

"WOW! I received a call literally within one minute of submitting my information - we are now saving $500 plus per year!"

Susan M. Rose Valley, PA Savings of $500

More About Home Insurance

Everything You Need to Shop Smart

Premiums in Your State

Home insurance premiums – often mistakenly referred to as home insurance rates - vary greatly across the country. One reason: location plays into the cost in multiple ways. For starters, home insurance rates are set at the state level and apply to large numbers of people. Providers start with these rates and then customize them using many factors, including the replacement cost of your home, the risk posed by its location, and your claims and credit history, to decide how much you should pay for coverage. That amount is your home insurance premium, not your home insurance rate.

View our interactive map to see the average home insurance premiums in your state. Comparing homeowners insurance quotes is much easier with more information.

Home Insurance Discounts = Savings!

Last year, our customers who qualified for home insurance discounts saved $556/year* on their homeowners insurance with home/auto discounts from If you're looking for the most competitive homeowners insurance quote out there, be sure to talk to a agent about money-saving discounts such as:

  • Home-Auto Discount - Save up to 20% by packaging your home and auto insurance policies
  • Burglar Alarm Discount - Centrally monitored and local alarms can save customers up to 10%
  • Deadbolts Discount - Take up to 5% off your homeowners insurance quotes if your home has deadbolts or smoke detectors

Discounts Tip: When you compare home insurance quotes side by side, be sure to take into account which discounts are included in each premium.

*Customers who purchased home and auto insurance through between October 2008 and December 2008 reported an average savings of $556/year on their homeowners insurance. Actual customer savings may vary and depend upon discount qualification.

Cost Calculator

The replacement cost of your home will determine how much dwelling coverage you need on your home. Calculate your home's replacement cost to see how much dwelling coverage you may need.

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Home Inventory Checklist

Don't wait until your home is damaged to catalog your belongings.

Keep a home inventory and help reduce claims processing time.

Download a free home inventory checklist.

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