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Licensing & Legal LLC is licensed to sell insurance products to homeowners in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Homeowners from around the country turn to every day.

Our carrier partners are some of the top names in the business. Moreover, all carry ratings of 'Excellent' or better from A.M. Best Company, which measures the financial stability of providers. From Alabama to Wyoming, we can take care of your home, auto, and other insurance needs.

For a quick, free quote and top of the line service, visit our homepage and enter your ZIP code and some information about your home. We will provide an accurate home insurance quote tailored for your home and location. We'll even help you find the discounts you're entitled to receive. is licensed in each state as the entity listed below: LLC
10101 Claude Freeman Drive Charlotte, NC, 28262

Scroll to your state below for our license number in your area.

State Entity License Number
Alabama LLC A267286
Alaska LLC 59868
Arizona LLC 889108
Arkansas LLC 307893
California LLC 0F51800
Colorado LLC 288766
Connecticut LLC 002271329
DC 2842789
Delaware LLC 1051092
Florida LLC P085198
Georgia LLC 117188
Idaho LLC 145832
Illinois LLC 100281887
Indiana 514908
Iowa LLC 1001003751
Kansas LLC 020773852-000
Kentucky LLC 645411
Louisiana LLC 336948
Maine LLC AGN135057
Massachusetts LLC 1834012
Maryland NPF99967634
Michigan Agency LLC 0080763
Minnesota LLC 40013843
Mississippi LLC 15006619
Missouri LLC AG8022242
Montana LLC 679979
Nebraska LLC 346525
Nevada LLC 529371
North Carolina LLC 1000012368
North Dakota LLC 02-0773852-01
New Hampshire LLC 2012559
New Jersey LLC 1086177
New York LLC PC-1036396
New Mexico LLC 100001734
Ohio LLC 35516
Oklahoma LLC 9482
South Carolina LLC 817916
Pennsylvania LLC 471015
South Carolina LLC 167981
South Dakota LLC 8885
Tennessee LLC 00004093
Texas LLC 1426842
Utah LLC 253014
Vermont 515326
Virginia LLC 02-0773852
Washington LLC 272184
West Virginia LLC 4662
Wisconsin Not Required
Wyoming LLC 157460

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