Georgia Auto Insurance

There are many exciting challenges to living in the Peach State, but there’s nothing challenging about finding a competitive auto insurance quote. Many customers are able to receive a free quote, quick and easy.

When you get a Georgia auto insurance quote, your provider starts with state requirements, and then considers individual factors to customize the policy. Factors can include your age, gender, the vehicle you drive, and much more.

Georgia’s mandated minimum limits are as follows:


  1. $25,000 coverage for bodily injury per person
  2. $50,000 coverage for total injury per accident
  3. $25,000 coverage for property damage

Georgia’s coverage laws put are in line with the national average. However, you still may want to consider additional liability protection. If you’re liable for an accident and the damage exceeds your policy’s limits, you will be responsible for paying all remaining costs out-of-pocket. The best way to avoid this situation is to raise your coverage!

Georgia is prone to some extreme weather, including tornadoes. It’s important to remember liability coverage will not protect your vehicle from this type of damage. To ensure you, your passengers, and your vehicle are protected, work with one of our licensed agents to get extra lines of coverage.

Georgia auto insurance discounts

Now that you are familiar with Georgia auto insurance rates, it’s time to find discounts and save! Depending on your provider, driving history, and age, you could qualify for several discounts from the list below.

  • Accident-free discount: For drivers with no chargeable accidents
  • Good student discount: For drivers age 25 or younger who are full-time students or recent graduates, except married females
  • Defensive driving course discount: For drivers who have completed the following requirements
    • Completed an approved defensive driving course within the past three years
    • Has no traffic offenses or chargeable accidents within the past three years
  • Driver training discount: For drivers age 21 or younger
  • Homeowners discount
  • Multiple vehicle discount
  • Multiple line bundle discount
  • Passive restraint and airbag discount
  • Premium paid-in-full discount
  • Safe driving discount: For drivers who have no moving violations or liability claims in the past three years
  • Vehicle safety discount: For vehicles made in 1994 or after

Now that you know about Georgia auto insurance, all that’s left is to call for a quote. Work with a licensed agent to speed up the process and get a quote in minutes!

Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance protection presents a total package, not just dwelling coverage. Home insurance is more than a sum of its parts, but understanding those parts can help you get the best whole product. These coverage types typically are included in a standard policy