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earth day

7 Ways Insurance Carriers Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

This Earth Day, you can celebrate with someone you probably don’t expect: your insurance carrier. Many customers think of insurance companies as entrenched in...

ceiling fan

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring has finally arrived. For the parts of the U.S. affected by the polar vortex, it couldn’t get here fast enough. There still might...


Use Your Tax Refund to Earn Savings on Insurance

April 15 is looming. By now, many of you have filed your federal and state taxes (the rest of you should get cracking) and...

spring break

Don’t Let Spring Break Become Spring Breakdown

March marks the start of spring break season for colleges and schools across the country, which means thousands of students and families will be...

St. Louis1

Top 5 Affordable Cities to Buy a Home

Looking for an affordable place to live? Consider these five cities, which offer some of the nation’s lowest median home prices, home insurance premiums,...


March Starts Tornado Season: Are You Prepared?

The weather also brings something else: tornadoes. March starts off tornado season, especially in the Southeast, which typically sees strong winds from March to...


Are You Covered if a Volcano Erupts?

Of the movies set to premier in February, one has a unique setting: Pompeii. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the volcano next to the...


Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Gem Dandy

It’s that time of year again. Store greeting card aisles are packed, florists are pulling overtime, and all of the nicest restaurants in town...


When Home Prices Go Up, Do You Need More Home Insurance?

Real estate prices climbed 20% in 2013 in some places. Do higher sales values mean you should bump up the amount of insurance coverage...


Super Bowl Insurance? Yes, There Is!

With 111.3 million viewers in 2012 (making it the most viewed broadcast of any kind in American history), and 108.4 million in 2013, the...

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