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Melting pot main - Selena N. B. H.

Top 15 Cities in the U.S. Melting Pot

Thanksgiving is the time for gathering friends and family, blending cultures, giving thanks, and feasting on a spread that would satisfy the most regal...

Fall grilling

Beef Up Your Backyard This Fall

Temperatures continue to dip, but that doesn’t mean outdoor fun has to come to a screeching halt. You can still find plenty of ways...

PA storms overall

Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Cities for Severe Weather

Pennsylvania’s only F5 tornado was recorded in May 1985 during what is now referred to as the Barrie tornado outbreak, which swept three states...

Torley scary Halloween scene

The Night of Fright is Upon Us

Grocery store aisles are full of princess dress and superhero suits, fun-size candy, and frightful orange and black decorations. Kids, adults, friends, couples, and...

scary house - Trevor Cameron

Where are they now? 5 Famously Scary Homes from Horror Movies

If you thought a leaky roof or a burst water pipe was your worst nightmare, just imagine living in one of these famously haunted...

Different meteor - Mike Lewinski

Betcha Didn’t Know …

Home insurance policies can be confusing, and sometimes there’s coverage for things you might not expect. Similarly, sometimes there can be exclusions you don’t...


Keep Your Belongings Safe in Storage

Over the years, you accumulate all sorts of possessions that have sentimental value – treasured holiday ornaments handed down through families, prized stamp collections...

Rain aftermath

Are You Just Lost in the Flood?

In the aftermath of the rains that have drenched the East Coast, and particularly the Southeast, over the past couple of weeks, it’s time...

hurricane - David Prasad

Joaquin the Line Between Danger and Safety

Yes, the Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet. That seems to be changing with Hurricane Joaquin, which reached hurricane status Wednesday morning. At best,...

Georgia most dangerous overall  - B Rosen

The 25 Most Dangerous Georgia Cities for Severe Weather

Encountering severe weather is inevitable, albeit some cities are more susceptible to it than others. Though Georgia rarely sees hurricanes, the state has reported...

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