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While my son was replacing a sink in our bathroom last weekend we found out that we have a mold issue. We were unaware of a leak in our sink drain that caused a great deal of mildew and mold to grow underneath and behind the vanity- as well as cause the drywall to rot away. Do you think these damages will be covered in our home insurance policy? Patti T.

 Dear Patti,

Sorry to hear about your mold problem! Unfortunately, mold is not generally covered under a standard home insurance policy as home insurance is designed to protect you against sudden incidents and accidental damages as opposed to cleaning and maintenance issues. In your case, a leak in your sink would be considered maintenance and would probably not be covered.  However, in the case of mold caused by a burst pipe (due to freezing) or a flood, there may be some coverage. (As always, you should contact your home insurance agent directly for specific information on your policy as it may differ from a standard policy.) Read our article Moisture Can Hurt! Keep your Home Mold Free  for tips on mold prevention and remediation that our agents have put together for our customers.


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