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Home Inventory Can Help With Claims

Is Your Stuff Accounted For?

In the event of a disaster, a home inventory can be your greatest asset. If your home is lost in a covered peril, your first call will be to your home insurance agent and your task of proving what was lost will begin. Will you remember everything you owned after it is gone? Especially in a time of crisis? Having a pre-established home inventory will take the headache out of that task – leaving you to focus on more important things.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes.

At HomeInsurance.com we have created a comprehensive, yet easy to use home inventory checklist that you can use to catalogue all of your belongings. Start by downloading your home inventory checklist and get started today.

TIP: Don’t forget that taking pictures of your items and gathering receipts can help to prove ownership as well. Keep your photos, receipts and your inventory in a safe place such as a fireproof safe, on a remote computer or anywhere else that they cannot be destroyed.

There are limitations on how much your home insurance policy will cover for specific items. After cataloging your household belongings, be sure to contact your home insurance agent and see if you have enough coverage for all of your things. Read Home Insurance 101 for an overview of standard home insurance coverage.

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