House Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance- What’s the Difference?

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House Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance- Are they the Same?

People refer to their home insurance policy in many different ways.  Despite the various terms (property insurance, home insurance, house insurance, etc) customers are usually referring to a standard homeowners insurance policy. For the most part, house insurance and homeowners insurance are the same- but it can get tricky.

Homeowners Insurance covers more than just the structure of your house.  Actually, standard homeowners insurance protects 6 different things:

1- Your Home’s Structure (“Dwelling Coverage”)
2- Other Structures on your property
3- Personal Property (“Contents Coverage”)
4- Loss of Use Coverage (In case your home is inhabitable due to a covered loss)
5- Personal Liability Coverage (protects you financially in the event of a lawsuit)
6- Medical Payment (pays medical bills for parties hurt on your property)

Because your policy covers more than your home (or your house) it is most commonly referred to as homeowners insurance. It protects the homeowner against loss of their home, belongings and finances due to an accident on their property.

The term ‘house insurance’ is usually meant to mean homeowners insurance- but it implies that the policy only protects your house. This is why professionals in the home insurance industry refer to it as homeowners insurance, or home insurance for short.

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