The Top 4th of July Insurance Claims to Avoid

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Summer has officially begun and people all over the country are gearing up for Fourth of July celebrations. But before you dust off the fireworks and party supplies make sure you are planning a safe, claims free holiday.

Top 4 Insurance Claims to Avoid this 4th of July

Cooking Fires–  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, cooking fires are the leading cause of structure fires. Make sure that you if you are cooking outdoors you place the grill far enough away from the house that sparks and flames can’t ignite your siding. If your outdoor grill has a grease trap, make sure to empty it.  Grease traps can easily catch fire because the contents are so easy to ignite.  Also, make sure someone is always tending to the grill. Never leave a fire burning unattended. Make sure children and pets steer clear.

Car Accidents– Holidays always pose a higher risk for car accidents because of an increased volume of traffic and a greater chance of drinking and driving. If you are having guests at your home that might be consuming alcohol, be sure to keep an eye on everyone and don’t let anyone drive after consuming alcohol. Even if you aren’t drinking, try to avoid being on the roads as much as possible. Even the safest drivers can be injured by drunk drivers.  (Did you know that social host laws can now hold homeowners (and their homeowners insurance) responsible for car accidents that occur after a driver has consumed alcohol on their property?)

Fireworks Injuries- Fireworks laws vary from state to state but no matter where you are they are equally as dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2006, 9200 people were treated for firework- related injuries in emergency rooms around the country. Leave the fireworks display to a professional and avoid having them near your property.

Boating Accidents– Over the course of the year there are about 8,000 boating accidents that take place in United States waters.  Since the weather around the 4th of July is typically perfect boating weather, many areas see an spike in boating accidents in the days surrounding our nation’s independence day. If you plan on boating this 4th of July avoid alcohol and remember that Boating Under the Influence (BUI) is just as dangerous as drinking and driving in an automobile. Be sure there are enough life jackets for all passengers and keep children well informed about standard boat safety. Do not let passengers swim while the motor is running and follow the rules of the open sea.

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