Home Insurance & Mortgage Calculators

Your home likely is the single biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, and it comes with some pretty hefty add-ons, too. That’s why it’s key to budget wisely and plan far in advance to account for home insurance costs, mortgage payments, and other important monthly expenses that come with a home.

You don’t have to dig through paperwork or spend hours on the phone to crunch the numbers – we’ve got all the tools you need to help you get a quick estimate of how much you should expect to pay and finish your shopping faster on your own. It has never been easier to make smarter decisions about your home finances.

Calculate your home insurance coverage and mortgage payments, and find out how much you could afford to pay for a new house by using’s helpful tools below.

Home Insurance Calculator

How much insurance should you buy to protect the structure of your home against damage from fire, windstorm or other named perils? Our Homeowners Insurance Calculator uses the sq. footage of your home to estimate how much dwelling coverage you may need. View Home Insurance Calculator

Home Affordability Calculator

How much home can you afford? Use this home affordability calculator to determine what range of home prices you can afford. Simply enter your income, debt and mortgage rate information to see what home prices work with your budget. View Home Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Would you like to see what your monthly mortgage payment will be? Enter the selling price of the home, the down payment amount, and the interest rate to see what your monthly mortgage payments will be. View Mortgage Calculator

Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance protection presents a total package, not just dwelling coverage. Home insurance is more than a sum of its parts, but understanding those parts can help you get the best whole product. These coverage types typically are included in a standard policy