American Modern Insurance

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Company Information

Company Type: Private
Founded: 1965
CEO: Manuel Z. Rios
Headquarters: Amelia, OH
Number of employees: 1,000+
A.M. Best Financial Stability Rating: A+

About American Modern Insurance

Founded in 1965, by members of Midland Discount Corporation, American Modern initially provided insurance policies for manufactured or mobile homes. It was one of the first companies to target this market. The company expanded into watercraft and collector vehicle insurance in the 1970’s, and added motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile insurance in the early 2000’s.

American Modern and other Midland companies were purchased by international firm Munich Re in 2008. Munich Re ranks as one of the top 100 businesses on the Forbes Global 500 list. In 2013, American Modern celebrated its 5th year with Munich Re and the 75th anniversary of its founding.

Product Offerings

American Modern is licensed to sell insurance in every state, and boasts over 1.7 million customers. American Modern sells its insurance products through a network of insurance agents from coast to coast. The company offers a wide range of products including:

  • Collateral protection, mortgage fire, and other insurance for financial institutions
  • Pet health insurance
  • Recreational insurance for boats, yachts, personal watercraft, classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles
  • Residential insurance for homes, mobile homes, rental units, seasonal homes, vacant homes, and vacation homes

Claims Process

Policyholders who need to make a claim with American Modern can do so by calling the company or completing an online form. An insurance representative will collect additional information about the insurance claim over the phone, and may ask the claimant to provide proof, such as photographic evidence.

As part of the initial telephone conversation, every claim will be assigned to an insurance adjuster, and claimants will receive the contact information for the specific adjuster assigned to their claim. In the event that the adjuster needs to make an inspection, he or she will schedule that with the claimant.

During the inspection, the adjuster will review all of the information pertaining to the claim, discuss how American Modern Insurance will resolve the claim, and issue a claims payment check minus the amount of the claim deductible, if there is one. At this point, the claimant can proceed with having necessary repairs made. In the event the claims payment check is not sufficient to cover payments, the adjuster can work with the repair shop to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

Company Culture

American Modern Insurance is committed to the values of integrity, teamwork, personal growth, superior performance, accountability, and interdependence.

American Modern continues to operate out of its Amelia, OH headquarters. In 2013 and 2014, the company was recognized by the city of Cincinnati as one of the best places to work based on employee surveys about business climate, trustworthiness, pay, and benefits. The business also performs a great deal of philanthropy for organizations including the United Way, ArtsWave, and local nonprofits that work with education and youth.


Standard Home Insurance Coverage

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