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Drive Insurance
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Drive Insurance

Company Information

Company Type: Public (NYSE:PGR)
Founded: 1937
CEO: Glenn Renwick
Headquarters: Mayfield, OH
Employees: 27,000+
A.M. Best Financial Stability Rating: A+
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Company history

Back in 1937, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green founded the Progressive Insurance Company in an effort to provide affordable insurance for vehicle owners. Today, the Progressive group of insurance companies is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the nation offering drivers competitive premiums and concierge level customer service.

Drive Insurance is offered through the Progressive group of companies, specifically by Progressive West insurance Company. Although the Drive Insurance Company is affiliated with Progressive, it is marketed differently than the Progressive direct brand. Drive Insurance is available exclusively through independent agents and the company is only marketed at Drive Insurance in the state of California.

Product offerings

Progressive Drive Insurance offers a wide variety of products including auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance and dirt bike insurance. They also offer insurance policies for scooters and golf carts. With Drive Insurance, customers can sign up for standard coverage or opt for fuller coverage. Most states require that drivers carry a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage, however, that minimum varies by state.

While it’s easy to confuse Progressive Drive Insurance with Progressive direct insurance, Drive Insurance’s products features and prices are different from Progressive Direct. That means customers who are quoted auto insurance through Progressive Direct may receive a different quote from Progressive Drive Insurance.

Customer Service

Drive Insurance can be accessed online 24/7. The company’s website can help customers find an independent agent in order to get a Drive Insurance quote. The Drive Insurance company website also allows policyholders to manage their policies, make a payment, request ID cards and report or track a claim. Drive Insurance customer claims are managed through the Progressive Direct website. When a customer clicks “Go to Claims” on the Drive Insurance website, it will redirect to Customers can also call Drive Insurance’s customer service number for further assistance.

Because Drive Insurance is offered through Progressive, it is backed by Progressive’s financial stability, which was given a superior A+ rating through A.M. Best Company. Being backed by a company with such financial strength may help give Drive Insurance customers peace of mind.

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