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    Safeco insurance is among the oldest providers around with nearly a century of experience under its belt since its founding in 1923. Providing an array of coverage options to its customers, Safeco provides auto and vehicle insurance, property insurance for homeowners and renters and even a few fringe policies such as pet health insurance and identity recovery. 

    Safeco received an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau as a sign of its trustworthiness for unsure prospective customers, and it also earned an “A” rating from financial health assessment firm AM Best. The latter rating indicates that Safeco can be trusted to pay out customer claims in a timely manner.

    While Safeco’s financial and trustworthiness ratings certainly can’t be disputed, some of its other scores leave a bit to be desired for customers seeking a high-quality insurance provider. According to J.D. Power’s 2019 Home Insurance Study, Safeco received a mere two out of five rating for customer satisfaction in both homeowners insurance and renters insurance.  This score was well below the industry average and placed Safeco 16th out of 23 providers for home insurance and 11th out of 13 for renters insurance.

    Despite its mixed results from a scoring standpoint, Safeco is still an attractive option to certain customers and merits exploring with our Safeco insurance review. 

    Who should choose Safeco?

    Among homeowners looking to purchase insurance, Safeco’s policies are especially attractive for those who value having the option to customize their policies. Safeco home and renters insurance plans feature the standard foundational components of a coverage plan that you might expect from a provider but also boast a wide variety of add-ons that are useful to owners seeking plans that are unique to their circumstances. 

    Some of the add-ons include options like identity recovery for just $1 a month, valuable articles coverage for expensive items or keepsakes, equipment breakdown coverage to protect things like your fridge or stove so you don’t have to pay for replacements out of pocket, replacement cost coverage so you don’t have to worry about depreciation and an option to have all your Safeco policies covered with one deductible. If any of these add-ons are helpful to you, Safeco could help you safe money and feel protected by your insurance coverage. 

    On the contrary, homeowners that view quality customer service as fundamental to their home insurance experience might consider looking elsewhere. Safeco’s average-to-below-average ratings relative to other providers in this area make them a less-than-ideal option for consumers concerned with how they’re treated or how quickly their issues get resolved.

    Safeco can be a good option for people who like to bundle homeowners insurance with auto insurance. Like with its homeowners insurance, Safeco offers unique coverage options and add-ons for auto insurance.

    Where is Safeco available?

    Safeco provides home insurance to every state with the exception of Delaware, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey and Rhode Island. 

    Within the range of states in which Safeco’s insurance coverage is available, however, some add-ons are restricted by geography.  However, many of these restrictions apply more to auto insurance than home insurance. Their ridesharing coverage, for example, is only currently available in certain states, though this is set to expand in the coming years. 

    Safeco discounts

    Safeco offers its users a number of attractive discounts based on the type of insurance that they purchase. For users on Safeco’s homeowners insurance policy, discounts include:

    •  Package deals for combining homeowners and auto insurance
    • Multi-policy discounts for adding motorcycle, boat or RV coverage to the home/auto bundle
    • New home discount for homes less than 10 years old
    • Paid in full discount for policyholders that opt to pay their entire bill at once instead of in monthly installments.

    If you combine your home insurance with auto or motorcycle insurance, you can get more discounts to apply to your policies. These include safety rewards for safe driving habits, accident prevention course participation discounts for drivers 55 and older, teen safety rewards, discounts for low-mileage drivers, multi-vehicle discounts, anti-theft and safety device discounts and anti-lock brake discounts . If you combine your home and auto insurance, you might be able to get a lot of savings through these combined discount options. 

    The final word

    There’s a lot to like about Safeco and what it can offer potential customers who need home insurance. Safeco home insurance reviews are often positive, and the provider has received high marks from a number of institutions, indicating its trustworthiness, while also offering users a wide range of coverage options and add-ons to make their policies more unique and applicable to their circumstances. 

    By the same token, it’s true that Safeco’s customer service leaves something to be desired and that their discount options aren’t as expansive as they could be. Ultimately, choosing the right company will come down to your unique needs and the extent to which Safeco can fill them. 

    Apart from making sure that Safeco is capable of providing you with home insurance coverage in the area you live, you should also make sure that they do so affordably and with the specific add-ons that you need. If you take the time and put in a bit of research, you may find that Safeco has what you’re looking for or you may find an option that is better for your circumstances