Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is among the oldest insurance providers around, helping individuals and families since 1923. Customers can get all their insurance needs met, from auto and homeowners insurance to pet health insurance and identity recovery.

The insurance company is financially sound, as shown by its A (Excellent) rating with AM Best and A- (Strong) rating with Standard & Poor’s. This means that Safeco should have no problem paying out customer claims.

However, according to J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Insurance Study, Safeco did not make the list of the top 14 renters insurance carriers with the highest customer satisfaction scores. For overall customer satisfaction in home insurance carriers, Safeco makes the list, but at 15 out of 23 providers. Despite its mixed results from a scoring standpoint, Safeco is still an attractive option and merits exploring with our Safeco insurance review. 

Who should choose Safeco?

Safeco Insurance offers standard home insurance with the ability to add-on optional coverages as needed to fit each homeowner’s unique situation. These coverages can provide peace of mind without a high premium, which can make Safeco an affordable option for some.

For just $1 per month, a Safeco customer can add identity recovery coverage. It offers equipment breakdown coverage at only $2 a month, which protects critical household equipment not normally covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Optional coverage can also be purchased for high-value items like art and jewelry and extended dwelling coverage to cover unforeseen reconstruction cost increases in case of a catastrophic event.

Though Safeco has mixed reviews for customer satisfaction, the additional coverage options may prove it to be the best fit for the right insurance customer. Bundling home and auto insurance with Safeco could sweeten the deal, as the auto insurance has its own add-on features.

Where is Safeco available?

Safeco offers insurance in nearly every state. To find out which home and auto insurance policy offerings are available in your state, it’s best to reach out to a local agent or customer service representative. 

After becoming part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in 2008, Safeco focuses exclusively on personal insurance with the wide network of local agents and financial security of the parent company. Those hesitant about the mixed reviews can feel more confident with the backing on the Liberty Mutual company.

What discounts are available with Safeco?

Safeco offers its customers several attractive discounts based on the type of insurance they purchase. Safeco’s homeowners insurance policy, discounts include:

  • Safeco Package: Combine home and auto insurance to save up to 15% each year.
  • Multi-policy: Add on other policies, like recreational vehicles, to save even more.
  • Security system: Protect your home from burglary and/or fire, and Safeco will reward you with a discount.
  • Fire sprinkler: Installing a fire sprinkler system not only limits damage to your home, but it also helps save money on insurance coverage.
  • New home discount: If the home is less than 10 years old, it qualifies for additional savings.

Including auto insurance with Safeco has its own set of discounts to keep premiums low without sacrificing coverage. Here are a few auto discounts Safeco offers:

  • Safe driver: Safety rewards for safe driving habits, teen drivers and senior drivers 55 and older.
  • Low-mileage: A discount is available for low-mileage drivers. 
  • Multi-vehicle: Insuring more than one vehicle on the same policy may offer an additional savings. 
  • Safe vehicle: Anti-theft, safety device discounts and anti-lock brake discounts can keep your insurance costs low.  

With stackable discounts on both home and auto insurance policies, Safeco may prove to be the best option for individual needs.

The final word

There’s a lot to like about Safeco and what it can offer potential customers who need home insurance. Safeco home insurance reviews are often positive, and the provider has received high marks from a number of institutions, indicating its trustworthiness, while also offering users a wide range of coverage options and add-ons to make their policies more unique and applicable to their circumstances. 

By the same token, it’s true that Safeco’s customer service leaves something to be desired and that their discount options aren’t as expansive as they could be. Ultimately, choosing the right company will come down to your unique needs and the extent to which Safeco can fill them. 

Apart from making sure that Safeco is capable of providing you with home insurance coverage in the area you live, you should also make sure that they do so affordably and with the specific add-ons that you need. If you take the time and put in a bit of research, you may find that Safeco has what you’re looking for or you may find an option that is better for your circumstances.

Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance protection presents a total package, not just dwelling coverage. Home insurance is more than a sum of its parts, but understanding those parts can help you get the best whole product. These coverage types typically are included in a standard policy