Universal P&C Insurance

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Company Information

Type of Company: Public, NYSE: UVE
Founding Year: 1997
CEO Name: Sean P. Downes
Headquarters Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
# of Employees: Between 201 – 500
A.M. Best Financial Stability Rating: A

Company History

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company was founded in 1997 and is a subsidiary of Universal Insurance Holding Company of Florida. As the Florida home market grew rapidly in the late 1990s, Universal Property and Casualty Company or Universal Property Insurance was created to give homeowners an additional insurance coverage option.

Since then, Universal Property and Casualty Company has progressed into a vertically-integrated company that engages in insurance policy underwriting, distribution of policies, processing of claims, and marketing.

Product Offerings

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company offers multiple types of home or building insurance. Home and building insurance are the only types of insurance offered by the company. While the majority of their policies are designed for homeowners, customers may be able to take advantage of additional protections, such as coverage for landlords with current tenants, or other forms of insurance coverage. Here are some of the coverages offered by Universal Property and Casualty Insurance:

  • Dwelling Coverage – This coverage protects the actual structure of the home from covered perils such as lightning, wind, fire and theft.
  • Other Structures Insurance Coverage – This policy is usually written for additional structures, such as garages, sheds, or shops.
  • Dwelling Fire Policy – This policy is designed to protect the place where the Landlord lives.
  • Personal Property Coverage – This protects a person’s belongings in the home and when traveling, moving, or staying in another area, anywhere in the world.
  • Personal Liability Coverage – This provides protections to the policyholder if another person pursues legal action following an accident caused by the policyholder.

Claims Process

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company allows customers to file insurance claims over the phone or online. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, policyholders are advised to follow this procedure:

  • Photograph the damage
  • Make minimal repairs or fixes to prevent further damage if it is safe to do so. Do not fully repair the damage, as this may invalidate claims.
  • Retain all receipts for any materials purchased when making the temporary repairs.
  • Avoid discarding any damaged items following a damaging event, such as natural or man-made disasters, until an insurance adjuster has inspected the area.
  • Call Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company, or enter your policy number in the online claim center.

Discounts Offered

Universal Property Insurance may offer discounts for the following features within a given structure:

  • Burgular Alarm with Central Station Reporting
  • Fire Alarm with Central Station Reporting
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems

universalproperty.com/docs/Homeowners%20Manual.pdf (page 12)

Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance protection presents a total package, not just dwelling coverage. Home insurance is more than a sum of its parts, but understanding those parts can help you get the best whole product. These coverage types typically are included in a standard policy