How to Fill Out A Home Inventory

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Prepare if you have to file a home insurance claim

If your home is destroyed or severely damaged by a covered peril such as fire or wind, you’ll file a claim through your homeowners insurance. When you do, one of the first things your provider will ask for is a copy of a home inventory.

What’s a home inventory? It’s a listing, complete with supporting information such as receipts, photos, and other documentation of everything you own, from electronics to clothing to jewelry. The home inventory can help speed the claims process along.

Sadly, many homeowners don’t have an inventory. That means they have to compile the list after a disaster strikes – the very worst time to try to remember everything you lost and find supporting evidence.

Avoid this mess by filling out our home inventory checklist well before you need it. This checklist is a quick way to catalogue all of your belongings in one organized space.

Download our Checklist

The best way to proceed? Go from room to room in your house and list your belongings. Don’t forget to include photos, receipts, and other proof of ownership you may have. Always keep your home inventory in a safe place like in a fire-proof safe. Ask a friend to store one for you, too. It’s also a good idea to make an electronic copy.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You need more than a home inventory in case of a disaster – you need reliable home insurance. Check out our FAQs to see what questions other people have asked.

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